… That´s Us …

1 March 2020 at 19.00 hrs, SND old building

Multigenre jubilee production marking the centenary of the Slovak National Theatre

The gala marking the SND centenary is not merely an attempt to recount the chronology of the SND, or sing accolades about its artistic output and successful productions. It is a contemplation about the nature of an institution of national theatre, a polemic about the meaning of and need for culture. The feature-length production highlights fundamental issues brought to the wider social context by the foundation and existence of the SND and its struggle for sovereignty. The programme also reflects the imprint the Theatre has left in public mind. It is also a quest to identify the milestones and junctions of the three ensembles within the SND. The gala offers unorthodox take on the past and present of the Theatre, and invites us to contemplate our vision of its future.

Dramaturgy Miriam Kičiňová, Marek Mokoš, directed by Jozef Dolinský

More information about activities of Slovak National Theatre during the 100th season can be found HERE.